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Finding My Tree

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Majestic Tall Divine

Mighty Sacred Wise

My beautiful one, standing tall, standing proud. To you these words  are endowed. 

Grateful -  to you  and for you I am.

Blessed - to feel one with you I am. 

Finding you is finding me. Now together, we write these words. One forever.

I am that, I am. My Beautiful, Sacred Tree.

A Poem For My Beautiful Sacred Tree, by Lella Satie

Tree hug, my tree, tree, nature

Finding My Tree

Shamans believe that when you are ready you will find your tree, and your tree will find you. I have felt beautiful energies from many trees, yet nothing compares to the moment of connecting with my own tree. It was like no other. 

I read about it and heard of this ancient practice from my mentors and healers. No logic in my mind can account for the experience of my own sacred connection. Now I understand the profound magic of such connection with the divine, with this mother nature’s gift. 

I was on a walk through a beautiful canyon amongst many other beautiful trees. I walked up to my tree and this feeling and experience was immediate. I could feel the pulse and vibration of it’s energy. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on it. I could see with my inner eye it’s make-up from inside. I felt it’s immense power and beautiful soothing energy from the depth of it’s roots to the top of it’s tallest branches. My tree was speaking to me, embracing me with it’s energy, healing me, cleansing me, strengthening me and sending me love. I stood there for what seemed  like eternity. With my eyes closed, my head resting on it’s bark and my palms holding it, feeling this deep connection, tears rolling down my cheeks. 

The experience and the feelings that came over me transitioned through various waves of energy. Every moment more beautiful then the other. Deep, profound, mystical, sacred. 

My tree has called me since. I go to it whenever I am near. It knows when I run to it. It sends me power -giving me strength even from afar. 

I love me tree. My beautiful tree. It’s the most beautiful tree in the world. It stands tall on it’s own, and it waits for me to return. 

If everyone spent more time taking walks and connecting to mother nature, they would find their tree and feel that we are all one. Part of the whole. Cosmos is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. This I believe would heal the world.


To start your own journey of finding your tree, go for walks in nature often. Find your stillness and peace in your heart and your mind. As you walk, reach out with your hands and brush against tall grass, branches and trees. Allow to be guided by your intuition. Don’t think. Just go with the flow of where your feet want to take you. As you step next to a tree, take deep breaths, close your eyes and feel it’s energy. Place your palms on the tree or hug the tree. Stand as long as you like, as long as it feels right. Don’t think or expect anything. Allow yourself to feel the most subtle energies. Take walks often, walk for a long time. Enjoy your journey.

My Beautiful Tree

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1 Comment

Everyone should have a tree-the world would be a kinder, more compassionate place. My tree is in a nearby road and stands alone and lonely in the long windswept avenue that leads to the sea, as its companions were all cut down during a period of tree disease. On occasion I have seen my tree cry-huge tears of sticky sap, then I cry too. I worry about my tree because I have a feeling I'll walk down that road one day and it will be gone, another victim of progress or someone's concern about their view - that seems to be the way of things these days.

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