L E L L A  S A T I E

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"Lella, as an actress is terrific. I give her 10 gold stars for playing the role."  - L.T. Producer

"Lella is a strong actress. She is a solid actress and I could see her doing some great work."  - M.R. Director/Producer

"Lella is excellent. She gives her soul."  - I.S. Casting

"Found Lella's presence interesting. She seems like a fascinating woman and has very good features."  - R.R. Talent Manager

"Lella was quite extraordinary. She showed Frida and made you suffer along with her. She was very impressive and totally had my attention. She was really quite amazing. The sets were simple but artistic. She was excellent in the art gallery scene. The acting work was excellent. She "held you".  - J.W. Actors Contemporary Theatre

"I was really impressed. The structure of the play, each vignette... was written most adroitly and Lella Satie was stunning. Very committed, with subtle adjustments for each segment, and her command of the physicality of the role was assured and feisty."  - B.H. Producer

"My first recollection of Lella's vivid stage work was her breathing and how powerfully that communicated the message that this woman was not well. Very impressed with Lella's ability to create such an authentic Latino accent, at least within the parameters of my belief of Kahlo's volatility."  - M.S. Playwright

"I thought Lella in Frida was pretty amazing... Not only did she do a great job as Frida, but I thought the was the show is presented was very entertaining and educational."  - B.G. Independent Casting Director

"Lella is amazing. Very impressed with her emotionality and the consistency of it. Her hand gestures and body language were perfect."  - I.B. Talent Manager

"It was a wonderful show and Lella did an excellent job. It was beautifully produced."  - P.C. Casting

‚Äč"I think Lella did excellent embodying the character. I think the interpretation was well done. I loved the multimedia."  - H.H. Casting

"It was excellent. Lella is very pretty and talented. The sets were very well done and she was lovely in her man's suit. Lella gave a lot of thought to everything."  - L.K. Manager