Photo:  Filming "In The House of Gaudet"

"I was constantly delighted by Lella's inventiveness, focus, and by the maturity and perception of her detailed and nuanced instincts as an actor."  -Guy Roberts, Director

"Lella is a very committed and hard working actor." - Nancy Bishop, Casting Director

"Lella is an amazingly deep and creative actress. Her work always inspires me."  - Bea, Actress

L E L L A  S A T I E

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LELLA  as  Marilyn Monroe in the play "Jackie & Marilyn"       Images: Marko Krunic



~ Susan Batson

Photo: Lella Satie as Frida Kahlo

"Lella was the perfect actress to recreate the role of Frida. Lella is very beautiful and talented. She possessed the passion needed for the role. She was captivating and very well appreciated by the audience."  -Steve C. Producer

"Lella was superb as Frida Kahlo. She was so much the part that I thought she was Mexican."  - S.D. Artistic Director

"Lella was sensational."  - A.J. Theatre Producer

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