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I am here to do work that touches the soul, inspires and heals.

For over a decade I have been on a quest of self discovery, expression, inner journey, arts and healing.

My experiences are filled with travels to far corners of the world to work in various forms of art, seeking universal truths, putting together the pieces of my self-expression.


When you are the best version of yourself you can create anything. I help you see how beautiful you are so that you can shine brighter and rediscover your higher self. Personal development is a life long journey. Are you willing to work on yourself and give yourself an opportunity to live your best life? 

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Current Projects

Host of the new Podcast HiLife

Author of the upcoming book: This Is Not a Cook Book: Easy Vegan Recipes

Jury Member of Fusion International Film Festivals

Instructor at the Pure Energy Healing Academy

Founder of

Land Keeper - Orchard Planter

Documentary Illuminate - in production (film about extraordinary people following their passion)

To understand another being, another character, another soul, you have to understand yourself first. As an artist I began a journey of self healing and discovery. I did not plan to become a healer or coach others through their healing journey. I sought out great mentors and healers worldwide for my own healing. I learned from Native American elders, European healers and Anangu people of Uluru. After three of my mentors - great healers of ancient healing arts - called me a Healer of Healers I answered the calling. I embraced my healer and found ways to merge my arts, creativity and healing arts. From the multitude of my experiences I became an instructor at one of the best alternative healing courses I've encountered -the Pure Energy Healing Academy  I founded to deliver wearable crystals and other ancient healing tools. I enjoy playing with words and studying etymology. You can read some of my writing in the link Blog. I create art from the essence of my soul and I guide others to express their own. 


Lella Satie performed on stage in New York City, Prague and Toronto. She acted in film productions in Europe and North America. Her most notable on stage performance is Frida Kahlo, a one-woman-show written and performed by Lella under the direction of world renowned acting coach and director Susan Batson. 

Lella Satie is an award winning filmmaker. She is currently working on a documentary film Illuminate about extraordinary people following their passion. For news on other projects in development, visit her Blog.


As an artist I express myself through acting, dance, writing and directing.

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Lella Satie as Frida Kahlo

"I was constantly delighted by Lella's inventiveness, focus, and by the maturity and perception of her detailed and nuanced instincts as an actor."

-Guy Roberts, Director

"Lella is a very committed and hard working actor."

- Nancy Bishop, Casting Director


Lella Satie as Marylin Monroe


Delving into character work expands actor's empathic and intuitive gifts. To understand another human - to portray as a character- I wanted to know and learn about myself deeply. As I healed myself I found a healer within.


Lella Satie Pure Energy Healing
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Lella Satie Lemon House

Over the years I've  coached and given creative ideas to individuals and organizations from various industries. I found that business success follows personal transformation.

A few years ago when the world changed, I put together my creative and entrepreneurial skills and founded A beautiful online shop for wearable healing crystals, organic incense and other spiritual and healing gifts. 

Lemon House Crystals
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