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Who am I? Why am I here? These are two of the more essential and existential questions that have guided my experience in this body and spacetime. For over a decade I have been on a quest of self discovery, expression, inner journey, arts and healing.

My experiences are filled with travels to far corners of the world and studying various forms of art, seeking universal truths, putting together sum of the parts, to be closer to the whole - closer with One.

My passions and expressions are acting, dance, writing, directing, arts, sacred wisdom, ancient healing practices, yoga, nature...

I am here to do work that touches the soul, inspires and heals. 


Current Projects

Documentary Illuminate - in production (film about extraordinary people following their passion)

Short Film Goddess Rising -in development

Jury Member of Fusion International Film Festivals

Facilitator of Transformative Corporate Workshops with

From Arts to Healing Arts

Lella merges arts, creativity and healing arts. From the multitude of her experiences she has found a way to combine her artistic endeavour and a healing arts. This journey began as part of self healing and discovery.

To understand another being, another character, another soul, you have to understand your own. In my quest for experiences and desire to elevate and expand the 'self' and express my purpose I sought out the best mentors and healers. After two of my mentors and great masters of ancient healing arts named me Healer of Healers I recently chose to share these beautiful gifts and knowledge with others. I create art from the essence of my soul and I guide others to express their own visions.

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