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Lella is a a multi-passionate leader merging her art and business acumen to create and manifest projects of her own and for her clients.


Contact Lella for her ART or

work on a CREATIVE Project.


Work with Lella on your ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURE and expand your horizons.


Request to be coached by Lella to TRANSFORM from within.

Contact Lella for special commission, writing, directing,  creative project, speaking, acting.

Seeing a different perspective allows for creative solutions to witness next level expansion. 

Take care of the body, mind, heart and soul to experience complete personal transformation. 


Inquire about upcoming retreats & events with Lella Satie.

The way you are in one area of your life - you are in all. Transform from within and everything around you will change. You will attract new people, situations & opportunities. 
When you are being the best version of yourself you can create and do anything. When you honor yourself, you are unstoppable. I help you see how beautiful you are. When you own your power you courageously take on life's opportunities. Step into your ideal future, now.
Personal transformation is a life-long journey. Are you willing to empower yourself & give yourself a chance to live your best life? ​Love yourself and love your life. Gratitude will lead you towards your dreams fulfilled! We can talk about the Law of Attraction; we can look into all the research in neuroscience; exchange the ideas about the quantum physics; understand the Laws of Universe and Manifestation - the only thing that will make a difference is the daily practice of being your best self. Practice mindfulness, use meditation to reach equilibrium, elevate your emotions and create from a high vibration and positive energy. You will witness miracles in your life. 
I've consulted and given creative direction to individuals and organizations from various industries. I found that success follows personal transformation

I help you see how beautiful you are. Rediscover your higher self. Be your best and live your best life now!​​​​


Lella's multifaceted work experience and dedication in various fields: personal transformation, well-being, entrepreneurship and arts make her an invaluable team member - who always brings fresh ideas and sees opportunities. She can make connections with precision and accuracy on multiple aspects of a given topic. Lella has helped Clients with: Individual Transformation​, Brand Launch, Business Development​, Executive Team Empowerment and more.

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