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Lella Satie Links

Here you will find a selection of inspiring offerings for Living Life Beautifully. Being Inspired & Inspiring others is my mission & passion. Browse through a Collection of Writings, Videos, Courses, Photography, my Favourite Products & Requests for Collaboration. Live Beautifully being a Conscious Creator. During the time of Renaissance & other flourishing periods over millennia, men and women gathered in forums to discuss all matters of life. Today as people get trained in conventional schools they've come to believe that you are an expert if you're educated in one area of focus. The greatest minds known to humanity have been versed in art, culture, philosophy, healing, astrology, history and could carry a discourse on various topics. My passion for art, knowledge, experience, self-expression, health and well-being, culture, travel & more have lead me to explore and discover my gifts and talents in various domains. I share this wisdom through my Art & Creations. 

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