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For best experience watch on large screen, turn up the volume and use headsets.

Short film Father has screened

at over thirty festivals

worldwide winning dozen awards:

Talented New Filmmaker  

-International Festival of World Cinema

Grand Jury Prize, Van Gogh Award

- Amsterdam Film Festival

Best Short Drama

-Austrian Independent Film Festival



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Platinum Award Short Drama

-Worldfest Houston 

Best Short Film

-Chandler International Film Festival

 Best Short Film & Best Screenplay 

-The Gulf Of Naples Film Festival

Silver Lei Award

-Honolulu Film Awards

Best North America Short Film

-Link International Film Festival

Film Poster Father by Lella Satie PAGES


Nathan Bellinger

Mandy May Cheetham

Colin Price

Writer & Director Lella Satie

Producer Alona Metzer

Cinematographer Stephen Whitehead

Music Composer Veljko Kuzmancevic

Sound Designer Chandra Bulucon

Editors Gloria Tong Ajla Odobasic


Duration: 9min13sec

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All rights reserved

Canada 2017

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