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Signs In Nature - Always In The Heart

First Day Of Spring

What a glorious day

First day of Spring

My favorite season

New life

New beginnings

New energies







Signs In Nature - Always In The Heart

Spring is a perfect time of the year to start new projects with the newfound energy that the season brings. Everything is blooming, everything is green and beautiful. It is a perfect time to connect to your heart as you spend more time in nature. Connecting to your heart brings peace and happiness. Instead of listening to all the noise, chatter and clutter in the head, go out into the nature and listen to your heart.

Nature helps in healing and finding balance and peace within. Let the nature heal your heart and soul, let the spirit guide you. Leave your headsets and loud conversations behind, and listen to the sounds of nature. Smell the flowers, walk barefoot, feel the soil, touch the grass, hug the trees.

Walking on the ground helps release all the negative and lower energies. Mother Earth is an instant cleanser and charger. Take deep and slow breaths, it will strengthen your being, and soothe the physical and emotional body. Notice the most subtle signs, feelings and energies as you observe and feel the mother Earth. Nature is powerful and kind. It deserves our respect and reverence. Leave the grounds in better condition than what you found. Plant a tree, grow a plant from the seed, give back to Mother Earth as it gives to you.

While in nature, you can receive a sign without asking or ask for a sign. Don't expect or demand a particular message, as nature has it's own flow. Be open. You might see an animal and feel an instant connection. It's a feeling of one soul recognizing the other. You might notice a bird or a butterfly in flight as they move closer to you. You might see a beautiful flower, a rock or a tree that sends an instant charge to your heart and soul. These are all signs, that you are guided, that you are on the right path, that everything will be alright or that what you are thinking about in the moment is a great idea. If you want to know what the sign means, just notice the first thoughts that come to your mind. This is how you connect to your heart and your higher self.

Much love, Lella

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