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Fine Art by Marco Sassone

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Lella in front of Sassone painting. "When going to Sassone exhibition, I find my outfit often matches his canvas."

There are countless living artists and even more works of art, yet there are fewer artists whose work truly touches the soul, and even less whose work belongs to High Art and Fine Art. One of them is Marco Sassone, a true artist -a master.

If you haven't heard of him yet, here is a one line bio to catch you up to speed:

Marco Sassone of Florence -the capital of art- knighted with the Order of Merit by the Italian Republic.

A master artist not only impresses by the motion or technique of his brush strokes; or his palettes but by the life, energy and emotion he transmits onto his art. Whether you are looking at Marco's oil paintings, pastels, watercolours or sketches you will be taken into another world. You will feel the life behind the images and you will get a glimpse of artist's sense and sensibility.

Marco Sassone's work should be in collection of every high art collector. I am lucky to own a few of his pieces. Most of his works are my favourites yet there are a few that always manage to draw a tear or two to my eyes, as Man With Blue Eyes.

Man With Blue Eyes is part of "Home On The Streets" series. During the '90s Marco's work depicted issues of homelessness in California. This subject he revisited recently for his current exhibition of the same title with a number of added new pieces. Man With Blue Eyes paintings and drawings are of a homeless man from San Francisco. This beautiful soul didn't remember his name when Marco requested to sketch him for his future paintings. Years later, Marco moved from California to Toronto when he received a call from the social worker who informed him that John - Man With Blue Eyes - has rehabilitated. As an empath, an artist, actor and someone who delves in ancient healing arts, I feel a deep understand of the soul behind those piercing blue eyes. We are all Man With Blue Eyes; we are all one; we are all feeling; experiencing being alive; living in joy, in pain, in fear; hoping; dreaming.

Marco's landscapes reveal history beyond the apparent images depicted. Through Sassone's paintings you find yourself travelling along Italian coastline, the canals of Venice, sunny California and the metropoles of New York and Toronto. Whether you visited any of those locations is irrelevant. The master artist draws you in; as you feel joy, sadness, happiness or melancholy of a certain time you remember or long for. Perhaps you connect to a fleeting moment from a past life.

See Marco's exhibition "Home On The Streets" at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery at the Columbus Centre in Toronto, through April 21, 2019.

Marco Sassone Website:

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