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Updated: May 24, 2023

I just saw the news of Tina Turner's passing and in disbelief I had to double check the information. I went to her official Instagram page and read it again... A beautiful Earth Angel moved into the light. I write these words down as feelings overcome me... I felt sadness squeeze my heart as tears rolled down my cheeks. She was my first and only idol! I love her! She was my guiding angel and an archetype of strength, courage and beauty.

I was empowered by her voice, music and stature. She made my heart sing and my dreams soar. Her music made me feel joy no matter what was going on. I danced her moves from her music videos. This young girl in the photo with fine tuned intuition and high powered emotional quotient recognized Tina Turner's beauty is deeper than her voice. She is Simply The Best!

Growing up in a different time, place and culture you would never think that we had anything in common. I found a certain resemblance within her that I could identify with. She touched me with her resilience that I felt, and a deep belief that somehow we were similar in the fabric of our soul. Without going into personal analysis or genealogy I will share the obvious. I loved her music and I loved her hair - cause it looked like mine. Never before have I seen anyone with a similar kink in the hair. And what was painful to the little girl in the picture - because her hair didn't look like other girls' hair - became my empowerment. I saw a lioness in her and then I saw the Lion in me. I never spoke about this as a child...

Tina's songs grew with me as I grew with them. Years later my path of spirituality and self discovery tuned me again to her voice. I listened to Tina's chants, mantras and new songs. I found her again - when I rediscovered me. She was always there and always will be. There is an invisible thread of golden light that I feel as a connection with her in many ways... Some I've shared, some I'll keep and some I might discover at another time.

Dear Tina, from the essence of my soul, thank you! Thank you for the beauty of your soul that made me shine brighter. Thank you for your songs, lyrics and voice. Thank you for your energy, dance and moves. Thank you for empowering a little girl on the other side of the world. Your music will live forever and so will your spirit. Thank you Tina Turner. Sing!


"When you sing, you do the right thing.

When you pray, you find the right way. Sing.

When you sing, you do the right thing.

When you move, you find the right groove. Sing.

Beyond the power, you find the flower.

Beyond the bound, you find new ground. Sing.

Clean your mind - peace you'll find.

Break the wall, for peace to all.

Sing, you do the right thing.

Self respect, is what you're gonna get.

The ribbon we share - Love takes care.


"Sarvesham Svastir-Bhavatu

Sarvesham Shantir-Bhavatu

Sarvesham Poornam-Bhavatu

Sarvesham Mangalam-Bhavatu

With Love & Fondest Memory,

Lella Satie

Actor, Director, Writer, Healer, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Personal Coach...

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