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Taya -Lesson on Love and Compassion

My beloved Taya, cir. 35 y.o., b. 29 June 1927


You are Love and Compassion

You are Kindness and Generosity

You are Courage and Wisdom

You were my Earth Angel

You are my Guardian Angel

My beautiful beloved

Baka Taya

Lesson On Love and Compassion

My beloved grandma Taya was the epitome of unconditional love, compassion and generosity. Her name fittingly means Princess, the Perfect One and Goddess.

She was not a parent, yet she knew more about parenting then most parents do. She shared her love and kindness with everyone who passed her way.

My beautiful Taya was my Earth Angel.

Four months ago she moved into the light and still is my angel, my Guardian Angel. I am blessed to have had her in my life and I am grateful that she continues to guard and guide me from the light.

My nana was a war orphan. She survived two wars and raised her younger sister-who was my dad’s mom. She had no children of her own, yet she treated all children like her own. Taya was my dad’s second mom and my favourite grandma. She understood human beingness and she understood children, better than anyone.

Her generosity was felt by everyone who came by her house. She helped the less fortunate, and made everyone feel special. This is one of her many lessons. Taya spoke out loud when I couldn’t speak for myself, and her words I will never forget. “Lella didn’t mean that. She didn’t do (fill in the blank) because she was naughty, her feelings were hurt." This simple lesson on being human many adults forget over time as they loose patience. People forget that we all are still those little children, we just get bigger, and grow older. The soul is the same. Look beyond the reactions and you will see humanity in everyone.

If we continued to relate to each other the way we do with little children or newborn babies; with a tender love and kindness, then we wouldn’t cause hurt and create conflict. There would be no wars, if we see each other's essence and truth, and understand that we are but a spirit having a human experience. We are all one. We came from the light and we go back to the light...

Thank you baka Taya for teaching me unconditional Love and Compassion. Forever you are in my heart. Forever I am grateful for you and to you. My beautiful Taya.

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An inspirational message, A beautiful way to remember to always be a child. Especially if someone is not so kind, I will try to practice this. Thank you

Mar 18, 2019

Love your inner beauty & wisdom Lella.

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